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Pet Care

Purpose, persistence and a burning desire birthed Ultimate Pet Care.

We are a young South African couple that started this mobile grooming service out of our love for animals, especially for dogs. The business has since branched out to other regions in South Africa. We are groomers ourselves and have a true passion for animals.

How it all started…

In 2012 after returning from a lifechanging outreach – husband and wife Hannes and Petru-Marti, then best friends – decided they are going to pursue Hannes’ dream of opening a doggy parlour. After a few working contracts (to raise the money), a friend offering to design a logo and a 7 week dog grooming course…ULTİMATE PET CARE was born.

When looking at how Ultimate Pet Care has grown…this story truly is one of humble beginnings. With little equipment they started going to people’s houses washing and grooming their dogs in their backyards.

Ultimate Pet Care was officially launched on 1 September 2012 with a dog fashion show at the well known Golf Estate Serengeti, where still today the largest amount of their clients are serviced.

Many things have changed since then. The steel trailor became a tailor made fibre glass trailor, the business has grown into two sections; mobile trailors and a doggy parlour – where people can bring in their dogs to be washed. The UPC family has continued to grow to 11 members, with 6 skilled groomers (which include the founders running the show now) 3 drivers and 2 admin staff. This is only at the Glen Marais franchise. In 2017 we added Boksburg to our list of franchises and we are looking forward to welcoming Benoni and Potchefstroom.

The vision to bring the best care to man’s best friend certainly has not changed. The Ultimate Pet Care team goes out of their way to make sure your furry friends are happy and taken care of.

Ultimate Pet Care services includes washing and grooming of the dogs, vet transport services, pet sitting and dog walking. They are now also connected with a dog behaviorist who helps with training dogs.

This is only the beginning of a great vision…come pop in and say hallo to see how we operate and meet our awesome mascot Ultimate the Afghan Hound.

– Hannes & Petru-Marti, Founders of Ultimate Pet Care

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Ultimate Pet Care ensures the highest standard of service, grooming and care. We have expert, professional trained groomers that will take care of your dogs, styling to breed standard or client’s personal requests.