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Ultimate Pet Care offers a caring and free environment that comes to your home- following set appointments. Our grooming unit is fully equipped with a bath, hot water, gas geysers, electric clippers, dryers, grooming tables and all the necessary grooming accessories. All water and electricity connections will still be at the clients’ expense.

Our Services


For this service, all our dogs have been divided into different classes based on dog breed/size, coat type, cutting and trimming with an extra benefit on a specific look according to the owner’s requests!


This service allows the dog to be walked, with the owner not even stepping out of the house. Ultimate Pet Care has trained groomers/handlers that will walk your dog weekly/ fortnightly. This includes a 15 min walk on leash before being groomed.

Vet Transport

Ultimate Pet Care will be associated with the best vet in your area and we will provide you with a vet transport service. Take your dog to the vet and collect him/her. A standard rate will be charged for pre-booked appointments and vaccinations; an additional fee will be charged for emergencies.

Pet Sitting

Planning your holiday? Do not stress anymore. Ultimate Pet Care has your solution. Pet sitting includes, visiting and feeding the dog twice a day in the morning and/or late afternoon.

Other Services

Deworming, Flea and Tick treatment


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